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Super Saiyan Pan

Super Saiyan Pan

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With the help of the wonderful Elise Baughman, we bring you Pan like you've never seen her before! We have teamed up with the English Dub Voice Actor for Pan to bring you guys this new pin!

We have the ever popular Pan from Dragon Ball GT in Super Saiyan form! A transformation we all desperately wanted, we can now have in this beautiful enamel pin!

2.5 in | Hard Enamel | Limited Edition | Double Clutch
Art by: Saiyan B
Super Saiyan Blue (LE 25) Grandpa Goku SSGSS colorway with glitter
Super Saiyan Rosé (LE 25) Rosé colorway with glitter
Original <--- exclusively sold by Elise Baughman! Link Below!
BONUS! (Because these just aren't cool enough?!)

Two lucky customers will be selected to receive an AUTOGRAPHED backing card from Elise Baughman! One customer will be selected from those who purchase the Super Saiyan Blue variant and another will be chosen from those who purchase the Rosé variant! If you purchase both you will receive 2 chances to win (but will not be able to win both autographs). 

Purchases must be made between 7/25 (at drop time) and 7/27 at 8am CST. Winner will be selected 7/27 before shipments leave our office.
Original Variant!
You can only purchase the OG of this pin from Elise herself! How do you do that? You can go to her shop with this link! You can also purchase your pin with an autograph!
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