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Shield Hero

Shield Hero

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Now you can own Naofumi's Shields! 

Artist: Renee Wise (Art of Scribbells)

Original Shield Pin

1.5in | Silver Plated | Hard Enamel | Gem | Double Rubber Clutch


Air Strike Shield

1.5in | Green Plating | Transparent Enamel | Double Rubber Clutch


Chimera Snake Shield

1.5in | Gold Plated Plated | Hard Enamel | Gem | 3D | Double Rubber Clutch


Leaf Shield

1.5in | Stained Glass Enamel | Gem | Double Rubber Clutch


Rage Shield

1.5 in | Hard Enamel | Glow in the Dark | Gem | Double Rubber Clutch



1.75 in shield pendant on a 23 in silver chain!

Comes in Silver gift box.



Our 3in vinyl stickers can go on almost anything!


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