Pre Orders and Variants

Pre Orders and Variants

We got some exciting pin mail sent to us on vacation!

First, we got all the Pre-Orders for Guardian Goku and Primal GOD Vegeta in and they have already been packaged and sent your way (for those of you that have already ordered!). We still have a couple left, so grab them up!

Next we got in a bunch of variants that are going to drop this week on Friday! Goku and Vegeta each got a LE 10 run of Anodized metal with Glitter Enamel. Then Double Smash got 3 variants! One of these you can only get in the complete set of which we only have 10! 

Keep an eye out for that drop on Friday! All Variants will be available at 5pm CST and they wont last long!

We are going to do our best to mail out anything we can before we return to the office but everything ordered between now and August 21st is guaranteed to be shipped by August 22nd. 

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